Healiant is a technology powered clinical staffing company, built to allow clinical specialists to provide customized services to both industry and healthcare providers. 

Our goal is to improve patient care, grow your business while allowing our clinical specialists to control their workflow and time. 


  • All clinical specialists are credentialed, validated and vetted before becoming part of the Healiant staff.  

  • Our state of the art smart phone and cloud supported technology links your business with our clinical specialists based on clinical need and location. 

  • Our approach is agnostic to how you would like to utilize our staffing services. Whether the need is per diem support, business development help, clinical education or recruiting for full time openings- our team is staffed and ready to help. 

Healiant’s leadership has combined experience of greater than 50 years in healthcare space with emphasis in recruiting, staffing, healthcare provider support and clinical solutions. 

Josh Heuchan
Executive Vice President

Chris Ogboke
VP of Operations

Robert Crousore